Do Men Struggle with their Mental Health after Divorce?

Do Men Struggle with their Mental Health after DivorceMany men struggle with their mental health following a divorce and do not find it easy to seek help.

The emotional, financial and family difficulties that come with a divorce can often lead to mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety and depression as well as eating disorders. It is also not uncommon for fathers to neglect their own well-being during a divorce because they focus on protecting their children.

A father’s greatest anxiety will often be caused by a fear of being excluded from their children’s lives. In addition, a father may also be concerned about the financial impact of the divorce and the effect that may have on the children.

By way of contrast, unlike women, men are reluctant to seek emotional and external support from therapists, counsellors or friends and family members. Men often find sharing their personal feelings and struggles difficult and uncomfortable. This can quickly take its toll and make men feel that they are dealing with the whole divorce process by themselves.

Here are some tips on how men can help to manage their mental health following a divorce:

  • Take the advice of trusted professionals and seek professional support.
  • Use close family and friends for support.
  • Speak to a GP or seek therapeutic guidance.  Seeking the right support helps build mental resilience which in turn will help achieve a positive outcome.

It is often helpful to have positive conversations – Wives can reassure their husbands that they are not going to use the children as leverage. In return, husbands can often reassure their wives about finances.

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