Caught Drink Driving This Christmas? Speak to our Road Traffic Solicitors Today!

vienna 105We can all agree that we have had a tough year in 2020, with the current government restrictions preventing us from seeing our friends and family.

Now that we are approaching Christmas, the government has made changes to the current COVID-19 restrictions over the holiday period. Between 23rd and 27th December 2020[1], three households can form a temporary Christmas bubble and mix indoors in private homes, and can even stay overnight.  This means that there are no travel restrictions within this five-day period.

This is fantastic news. We can now enjoy our favourite festive food and drink with others. Drivers who have consumed alcoholic drinks, however, will need to consider when it will be safe for them to drive.

I had my last alcoholic drink yesterday.  Am I still over the limit?

You can still commit an offence even if your last drink was the previous day.  The rate at which the body metabolites alcohol depends on each individual, so whilst you may feel perfectly fine to drive home after a few drinks the night before, you may still be over the legal limit.

What happens if I get pulled over by the police for drink driving?

If you are stopped by the police on suspicion of drink driving, you are likely to be asked to provide a preliminary sample of breath at the roadside.  If you fail the test, you will be arrested on suspicion of drink driving and taken to a police station to provide two evidential samples of breath into what is known as an Intoxilyser machine.  If the lowest reading is above the legal limit, then you will be charged with an offence of drink driving.

What do I do if I am arrested for drink driving?

You are entitled to free and independent legal advice.  Tell the custody sergeant at the police station that you want advice from Vienna Kang Advocates.

I have been charged with drink driving and have been bailed to attend court.  What should I do?

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[1] This article is in relation to the rule changes in England and Wales