5 Top Tips for Making Arrangements for your Children After Separation

5 Top Tips for Making Arrangements for your Children After SeparationFollowing a relationship breakdown, trying to make arrangements for your children can be difficult and stressful.

Here are our 5 Top Tips:

  1. Think about what you need to sort out:
  • Where will the children live?
  • How and when will the children have contact with both parents?
  • How will you continue to pay for all the things that the children will need?
  1. Be practical:
  • How much stability do the children need considering their ages and personalities?
  • Which parent will have the most time for parenting and on what days?
  • Does each parent have enough space to accommodate the children?
  • How will the children get to and from school?
  1. How will you communicate with your former partner?
  • You can try and reach an agreement between yourselves.
  • You can attend family mediation.
  • You can instruct solicitors to negotiate on your behalf.
  • You can apply to the Court if you cannot reach an agreement.
  1. When should I make an application to the Court?
  • If you have real concerns about your children’s safety or welfare.
  • If you have been prevented by the other parent from seeing the children.
  • If your request to sort out arrangements for the children has been ignored by the other parent, or their response is not appropriate.
  • The parent with care of the children has moved and cannot be located or is about to move away.
  1. Keep in mind the issues which the Court consider will regard as important when deciding on child arrangements:
  • The Children’s wishes and feelings.
  • The Children’s physical, emotional, and educational needs.
  • The children’s age, sex, background, and any other relevant characteristic.
  • Any harm or risk of harm to the children.
  • The ability of the parents to provide for what the children need.

If you require any assistance in dealing with child arrangements, then contact our specialist solicitor, Nirmal Phull on 0121 726 9116, or email her at N.Phull@viennakang.co.uk.