Coronial Law

Vienna Kang Advocates provide legal advice, assistance and representation in Coroner’s Court matters, and have significant experience as advocates in Coronial Inquests. It is often only through effective legal representation that a bereaved family can properly participate and understand how and why their loved one died. Please contact our team of specialist inquest solicitors in Birmingham and Leamington Spa today.

An inquest will normally be held when the cause of a death is unnatural or unexplained, or where death is violent and under suspicious circumstances.

The purpose of an inquest is to establish the circumstances of an individual’s death. Headed by a (Her Majesty’s) Coroner, inquests are held in public sitting with or without a jury, depending upon the circumstances.

Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic events anyone can experience. Deaths in custody, or following contact with the police, frequently leave family members feeling particularly helpless, angry and overwhelmed.
We recognise the distressing nature of the proceedings for family members; we are experienced in appearing for family members in a compassionate and supportive manner.

Our advocates will guide you through this difficult time, ensuring your voice is heard. We provide clear, reliable legal advice and representation, and ensure you know exactly what to expect, by taking the time to talk through everything with you.

We explain why an inquest is being held; what it involves; what kind of evidence will be considered; the people who take part and the information you are likely to hear. We will review, with you, the type of conclusions coroners typically reach.

It is this exemplary client care and management of expectations that exemplifies Vienna Kang Advocates’ approach to matters. If it matters to you, then it matters to us.

Inquests are public hearings and can sometimes attract interest from the press. However, with our team’s aptitude in media relations, press interest in sensitive issues is managed appropriately, to ease the difficult time for families involved.

We are experienced in making Freedom of Information Act requests and applications under the Access to Health Records Act, to obtain records belonging to a deceased person. From formal requests for records to a hospital, care home, prison or private company, to liaising with the Coroner’s Office in relation to disclosure of records, our knowledge is invaluable.

We also have extensive experience appearing for persons of interest, persons who may face criminal charges as a result of the death. Our advocates work hard to ensure that a person of interest is fully protected in any hearing, and advised on their legal rights before giving evidence prior to the inquest.

It is our specialist Advocates team of specialist inquest solicitors (headed jointly by James Dixon and Delroy Henry), with extensive knowledge of Coronial Law, that ensures our bespoke service identifies your concerns, reduces your stress and offers support, guidance and reassurance throughout the coronial process.

Based in Birmingham and Leamington Spa, our specialist inquest solicitors are perfectly placed to clients throughout the West Midlands and Warwickshire, as well as throughout the UK.